Sometime prior to 1995, a group of lonely teenagers banded together through the internet and formed what they called: " The Moon Children ". Later discovered to be a suicide cult that worshiped the moon as a god. A young man named Matthew Hubris whose current whereabouts are unknown is a dedicated member of this cult. Long after his disappearance, investigators found a series of notes Matthew had written in various notebooks which were stored underneath pieces of furniture in his bedroom. All of these notes were about the Moon Children.

The individuals in the Moon Children cult believed the moon was their goddess. They referred to it as " her " or " Luna ". The members of the Moon Children had one ultimate goal: " To ascend into the sky to finally be with their beloved moon. "

In 1998, a Moon Child known as, Kelbris was said to have received several whispers from Luna, herself. The cult was still young then, and Kelbris was the first member believed to have been contacted by her. These whispers informed Kelbris on how the world would end. These whispers were said to have been brief and vague.

Not long after, Kelbris was found electrocuted. Whether this was an act of foul play, or an act of suicide by Kelbris in an attempt to ascend was never determined. Following the death of Kelbris, the other members of the moon cult began to go missing as well. A member named, " Nekko " and one named, " D. W. " went missing during the following week.

People reported seeing groups of teenagers dressed in long coats and hideous masks standing near the Fox River in St. Charles, Illinois on a weekly basis. The sightings were always between the hours of 1:00 A. M. and 3:00 A. M. Those that filed reports, were mainly guests staying in the nearby hotel, The Hotel Baker.

Investigators believed these masked teenagers were indeed the members of the Moon Children cult. According to their website, which is still up today, the Moon Children must pledge their allegiance to the moon by reciting " The Creed " while wearing masks as often as they can. Investigators also believed that in order for these teenagers to ascend to the moon, they would commit suicide by leaping into the Fox River, therefore drowning themselves.

Ever since the mid-to-late 1990's, hundreds of reports have been filed for guests staying at The Hotel Baker, detailing strange paranormal activity within the hotel. Tables would move, chairs would break, and shadow-like figures would be seen across hallways.

However, four very recent reports have been the eeriest of them all.

Those staying at the hotel have reported waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a small statue of what appeared to be a young boy in a green shirt staring at them from the end of their beds.

This statue has become known, simply as, the " Elegy Statue ".

After investigating the hotel, Vincent Blando and Peter Campbell, accompanied by their friend Brianna Sparks, picked up an eerie amount of heat disturbances using a RayTech MT-4 Non-Contact Thermometer Gun. The average temperature within the hotel was 71 degrees. Strangely, in some spots, like the ends of hallways, and by windows looking out into the Fox River, the temperature drastically dropped to 32 degrees, and sometimes 25. These temperature disturbances can only be explained using metaphysics and paranormal studies.