Miss Caldwell then brought up the time when Jeffrey and Margaret were at the hospital shortly after the accident occurred. She could feel the pain that both Jeffrey and his mother had been going through.

Jasmine Caldwell: " Jeffrey, were you scared when you had heard about the accident and when the doctors told you that he and your dad had died? "

Jeffrey was hesitant to answer. But answered anyway.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " Of course, I was. I'm afraid of losing my mommy, too. She's all that I have now. Please...tell me...what did I do to deserve any of this? I...I don't think I've done anything wrong and I keep to myself most of the time. *sobbing* I...I never bad things could be. *sniff* "

Miss Caldwell knew right there and then that young Jeffrey had entered some sort of crisis in his life. As mother Margaret was calming him down from all of the stress he went through answering the questions that both he and his mother were given, Jasmine then brought up about the ominous " killer " that he and his mother keep seeing in their nightmares. Jasmine was hoping to find out more about the mysterious man.

Jasmine Caldwell: " Ah, I see. Now, about this..." killer " that you and your mother have been seeing in your dreams...what do either or both of you know about him? "

Jeffrey tried as much as he could to explain all about his mysterious dream stalker.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " All that I know about him is that...when I see him in my dreams...I know that he threatens to kill me and my family. But...he also wants me to join become give in to anger and insanity. I...I don't...I don't want this to happen...and yet, I don't know what to do. I...I can't believe that I've even shared this information with someone else other than my Mom. Now I'm even more scared. I...I never wanted anything like this to end so badly. I just want it to end. "