Once Link Albane got the mini Octorokling off of his mouth and chin, he let out a sneeze to get the other Octorokling off of his nose. Once that was done, he focused on freeing himself from the metal restraints.

" It was almost impossible, because somehow, I was held down not only by the wrists, but also by the arms and shoulders too. But once I got my left arm free, I was able to take the blindfold off so that I could see what was going on. What I saw was beyond what I could explain. "

Inside the Happy Mask Salesman's " workshop ", Link saw the torture table he was placed on, the mini Octoroklings that were still on his body, a table with human skulls serving as makeshift flower pots, numerous torture devices and jars filled with human organs, such as eyes, brains, etc.

" I knew I had to get out of there. First, I got the little Octoroklings off of me, then I focused on freeing myself from the metal restraints. Some were harder to deal with than others. But once I had freed myself and found my belongings lying around and putting my clothes back on, it was only a matter of getting out and I had fortunately done so. Otherwise, I would've not been able to tell the tale. "

Once Link had returned to the Stock Pot INN, he told all of the other members of the Legion of Light about what had happened.

" And with that, I learned that if I didn't escape from the Happy Mask Salesman's workshop, he would most likely return and I would've have my throat slit and my head chopped off. Because that was his intention. He had placed one of those small Octoroklings on my mouth so that I would run out of air and die quicker. He wanted the flesh off of my face for his own ill-gotten gain. Those skulls that I saw, the ones with the flowers stuffed inside of them, those were the skulls of his victims. And I was about to become the next one on the " chopping block ". "

" I was lucky enough to escape with my life. "