The Happy Mask Salesman then placed Link's still-unconscious body on a wooden table studded with metal restraints fastened into the wood and after he had stripped Link of his clothes, save for his blue swimming briefs, he had him shackled by the neck. wrists, arms, knees, thighs, ankles, legs, chest and waist. He made sure that he would never escape.

He had Link's ankles and legs tied up so the they could be shackled together instead of separately.

Once Link was all strapped in and couldn't escape, The Happy Mask Salesman brought out a box containing golf ball-sized mini Octoroklings.

These mini versions of the well-known Octoroks were known to have a very powerful sucking suction. And so, the Happy Mask Salesman placed them all over Link Albane's body.

One for each of his nipples, one for his popped navel ( outie bellybutton ), one on top of his nose which, instead of sucking, used it's tentacles to plug up his nostrils so that no air comes in or out, and one more on top of his chin which, from there, it began sucking Link's lips and mouth in and out repeatedly, sucking out all the air and oxygen out of his lungs.

He did this so that Link would never wake up at all, allowing the salesman to take the flesh off of Link's face and make it into a mask for his own ill-gotten gain.

While he waited for Link to slowly die, the Happy Mask Salesman had some " errands " to do. So he went outside for a while, making sure to lock the door to his " workshop " behind him so that no " intruders " would break in and see what was happening.