Brian threw down the obsidian stone to the ground near the feet of both Slenderman and Zalgo's DreamWorld clones with great force and shouting for both of them to be forever banished.

The portal to Hell had opened up and both Slenderman and Zalgo's DreamWorld clones were sucked in.

There, along with the cloned versions of Masky, Hoody, Ticci-Toby and his father and Kate, they were all crucified on a hill at the base of one of the tallest mountains ever to exist in Hell.

Mount Golgotha.

The Fires of Hell rained down upon them as they hanging the crosses, screaming and writhing in extreme pain. Their flesh melting as they were slowly disentregating into nothing.

The screaming soon slowly faded into silence.

DreamWorld was soon silent and peaceful again.