DreamWorld Zalgo also knew that the Marble Hornets sect was falling apart rapidly. He had found the perfect time to strike.

Little did he knew, his time was also coming to an end.

DreamWorld Slenderman gathered his remaining proxies in an attempt to crush both the Resistance and DreamWorld Zalgo.

But their real-world counterparts were determined to defeat them once and for all.

They were bound for a world of trouble.

DreamWorld Slenderman attempted to persuade Masky's real-world counterpart, Timothy Sutton into joining him when he had arrived with the rest of the group to destroy him. But Timothy knew better.

And because Hoody's real-world counterpart, Brian Thomas was there with him to support him, something nasty was about to go down.

Timothy " Tim " Sutton: " Please, Slenderman! You and Zalgo are not supposed to exist. You're supposed to be dead! "

Brian Thomas: " Leave me and my friends alone! We do not need monsters like you two to run our lives! "

Despite the protests of Timothy and Brian, the DreamWorld counterparts of Slenderman and Zalgo still attempted to try and subdue them.

But it was no use.