As for the rest of the Marble Hornet sect...

...they have fled to the outer reaches of the DreamWorld in hopes of that they will never be found by the authorities.

There are now fewer proxies than before. Fewer now than the last time any were seen. Without Slenderman to guide or watch over them, they are now left vulnerable to whatever dangers may lurk.

It was the worst tragedy that they ever witnessed.

Cold. Hungry. Soaking wet. Bruised. Bleeding. Beat up. And hunted.

Haunted by the memories of their past.

Living without any hope of a future in sight.

As night approached, whatever Marble Hornets sect members that remained looked up to the starry night sky as the campfire they gathered around slowly began to go out. day...another benevolent, other-worldy being will come...and serve as the new supernatural leader...of a sect in shambles...inspired by the legend of rekindle...the flame...of fear.