Slenderman had arrived to save or avenge his proxies-in-danger. He began attacking everyone around him. He must have known about what was going on and began taking matters into his own hands.

There was no way that we were going to let him get away with it.

While my past self, Liu, the real Randy and his father and friends fought off the demon Randy, me and everyone else fought off Slenderman and prevented him from interfering with the fight with the Randy imposter.

I fought him from behind while everyone else fought him in front. Me and my past self were both lucky that we had been given Holy Cross Swords so that we could be able to take our enemies down with little effort.

Reeling in pain from having all of his tentacles cut off by me, Slenderman screamed in agony and went into full retreat with whatever proxies he had left.

With Slenderman and the Marble Hornets sect out of the picture, we could now focus our attention to the Randy Warren demon imposter who had just transformed into his true form.

A horrific...disfigured...winged abomination of a demon spawn from the depths of Hell.

True Form of Randy Warren ( Zalgo-created clone ): " DO NOT RESIST US!!! YOU HAVE NO FUTURE!!! YOU ARE NOTHING!!! "

How wrong he was.

Thanks to our combined efforts, the bully-aping demon of a man that was Randy Warren's evil counterpart was no more. Destroyed by the power of Saint Agatha. The Patron Saint of Fire.

After the beast was gone, the real Randy and his father and friends ended up in the hands of the police. They took the blame for all of us.

We escaped unharmed and unhindered.


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