Robin Weatherbee Jr.: " There it is! Over there! "

The armored car parked at a large building where some sort of party was being held.

This is where we predicted either Zalgo's clones and/or Marble Hornets would make their next attack.

The rest of our friends were there. Inside.

Sonic and Shadow stayed outside while the rest of us went inside to go looking for them. To warn them. To keep them from getting killed from the hands of either...or worse...

I had told my past self to stay close to me, Jane, Robin and Merrimew while Sesseur and the others went to find the others and warn them about whatever was about attack them.

Lucky for them, they came prepared. Because something was about to go down and bring the party to an abrupt end.

*gunshots fired followed by glass shattering and loud screaming*

Gang members of the Marble Hornets sect followed by a hoard of Z-infected...and more importantly...Zalgo-created clones of the monsters that would've been us had busted in and began attacking.

It took the combined efforts of the police, the SCP agents...and us to stop this horrific onslaught.

My past self was looking out the window while fighting during the attack when he saw mother Margaret waiting outside with Sonic and Shadow.

We were both glad she didn't come inside to go looking for us.

There was a good reason for that.


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