I had no idea.

Not once in my life did I ever find out that there were TWO versions of my former tormentor, Randy Warren.

One good...and one evil.

All that I knew is that I had to erase him from me and my past selves' lives. I had to keep my family's past selves from moving out to his neighborhood while the agents of the Chronos Institute had to kill him by having a fire break out at the prison that he and his friends had been sent to.

And then, me and my past self had to kill him in our " world of dreams " so that we wouldn't have to think about him anymore.

And yet, neither one of us found out that there was ANOTHER Randy Warren who WASN'T a nasty high school bully.

That was the Randy who, prior to dying in that fiery breakout at the prison and before he got arrested, lost both of his parents in a tragic car accident in this " new reality "

I never saw the good side of Randy in my " old life ". He never saw anything good in me. I never saw anything good in him. And that's why I wanted him erased from my old life so that me and my past self would never see him at all in our " new life ".

The Weatherbee family and Chronos granted me to make it possible.

And yet, the Randy Warren that me and my young past self had killed in our world of dreams was only half of what we knew of Randy himself. 

We had only killed the " evil " half of Randy Warren.

The " good " Randy Warren was the Randy that neither of us saw...or even knew. The one who died in the prison fire. The one who lost his parents in the new reality. Even though he and his friends lived a life of crime and did some terrible things, there was still some good inside of him.

How do I know this?

The spirit of the " REAL " Randy Warren had come to defend both me and my 11-year-old past self when we were fighting what seemed to be a clone of what we knew as the " evil " Randy Warren created by the DreamWorld spirit version of Zalgo. The Nezperdian Hivemind. The one who started this complete mess in the " old reality ".

The agents of the Chronos Institute had apparently traveled back in time to destroy the dark cult that had created the monster. The man who would've become Zalgo now had become what we know as, " The White Knight ". It was The White Knight who told us the version of Zalgo that we see in our dreams was created by the dead souls of the deceased cult.

The White Knight had also told us that " DreamWorld " Zalgo was able to make clones of our former bully-tormentors using human engrams that he had manage to steal from the real Randy and his friends. Randy and his father, Stephen must have known about this, too. And that is why he has come to fight with us.

Chronos had shown him and his family and friends his would-have-been future just like they did with me. Now, he is on OUR side as we must now take down this evil imposter and kill him once and for all.

The other " evil " Randy and his friends that me and my past self and friends had killed in a previous dream was just a small part of both of our imaginations that we had overcome. The Randy that we are fighting now is a demonic clone that we must destroy.

And there is one weapon that we possess that can destroy him.


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