Starting from the broken window at the end of the other side of the hallway, we had followed the monster's trail into the woods.

As Mom and I followed the trail of black footprints deeper and deeper into the woods, we had eventually discovered a dark and ominous abandoned building that neither of remember seeing in the woods before. It was most definitely scary to look at. The building had broken windows and was covered in vines and barbed wires. But what really scared us the most was that it felt like it did not belong there. " What is that place? ", " Is it a county prison or a mental hospital? " and " Why is it here? ", those were all questions that went through our minds the more we looked at it. Then suddenly, right out of nowhere, the monster that appeared in our house had returned. And it was not alone.

When it appeared, several more of the same monster showed up to accompany it. The flashlight went dead. We were surrounded. Just then...a loud siren...followed by an intense beam of light. All of the monsters disappeared from the burst of light and when it faded back into darkness, there were my two neighbor-friends, Robin and Mary. Mom and I were relieved when they came to our rescue. I told Robin what had happened prior what it had lead up to. He then told me that this occurrence was happening all over the " DreamWorld ", and that he and Mary had come to put an end to " it ". I began to wonder what the " DreamWorld " was. " Is the DreamWorld like the nightmare that we are in now? " was what I thought. Now...I knew that something was...kinda spooky. I know I'm still asleep in my own bed at my house. And yet...this nightmare feels almost like it's...alive. I know I'm having trouble explaining this. You had to be in the same dream with me to see what I really meant.

Not long after the " Shadow Monsters " had disappeared, my three stalker-bully enemies, Randy, Keith and Troy had found us and were out for blood. I was thankful that Robin had spotted them before they saw us. He had fended them off with his gun as we ran with his sister, Mary into the dark building. As soon as we entered the dark building and looked around for some place to hide, a foul stench lingered in the air. And upon further inspection of all the rooms we could look at in the heat of the moment, it was made clear that this old building was, in fact, an old, abandoned mental asylum.

Robin soon caught up with us after fending Randy and his gang off and a whole horde of the same shadow monsters as before came flooding in. As we ran, trying to escape the horde, the " killer " ( whose name we still don't know yet, as of now. ) took us by surprise when he busted one of the asylum's cell doors open and ran after us. We were all panicking now. The killer charged at us from one side while the shadow monsters poured in from the other. There was no way out. It was about to end badly.


I woke up with a fright, crying, shivering and shaking all over. As soon as I came to my senses, I had found myself on the floor of the bathroom in my house. I must have fallen asleep after I had used the toilet. It was a good thing that I didn't wet or soil myself, though. After I had finished, I checked the hallway to make sure that the shadow monster wasn't there and to my relief, it wasn't there. I then went to mommy's bedroom to sleep with her for the rest of the night.

After I had told my teacher and classmates about my bad dream, I broke out into tears and cried miserably. My friends, Robin and Mary and all of my other classmates all gathered around to give me a hug and console me. They must have known that I was terrified and they have all felt my pain. They too had witnessed terrible events that they had left them frightened, confused and disturbed. It was right there and then that I had made some new friends in my young adolescent life. Back then, at my old middle school, the only friend that I had was my big brother, Liu. Now, at my new middle school, it was my neighbor's kids and my as-of-now classmates. Jane Arkensaw, too. She told me that she, too has seen the mysterious " killer " in her dreams. She wants relief just as much as I do.

I still hope that my now-deceased brother is okay.

I still have no idea why Randy and his goons are haunting my dreams and I still don't know who the mysterious " killer " is and why I keep seeing him in my nightmares. Who is he? Why does he keep telling me to " go to sleep " ? Why does he look so frightening? What is his purpose? Am I about to go insane, myself? Am I about to lose my sanity? No no no. I can't let that happen. I don't want it to happen. I'm sure that Mom doesn't want it to happen, either. I need to find a way to get through this.

Liu, if you are reading this...please understand what I am going through. I wish that you can find some way to ease my pain.

I really wished that you didn't die in that fatal car crash.

I miss you so very much.

-- Jeff Woods



Head of Jury: " We the jury find 16-year-old Randy Warren and his partners, Troy Green and Keith Daviss guilty of grand theft, aggravated assault and battery. "

Randy Warren has been given his prison sentence along with his friends, Keith and Troy. They have been sentenced to 10 years in prison.