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I am at peace now.

Everything has been put to rest.

The monsters that me and my past self feared are gone.

Zalgo...and Slenderman...are no more.

My sanity stands firm.

My family and their future are safe.

I have found peace.

I have found light.

I have found hope.

My newfound faith had made me strong on the inside while my newfound courage had helped me accomplish the impossible.

My younger self had made new friends. Friends that I wish I could have made in my past reality.

Mother had become a better parent that I always wished I could have.

Faith helped me pick up all the pieces of my broken life.

Once was everything was said and done, I could now rest easily, knowing that everything will be alright.

The darkness has averted.

My chains have been broken.

I have been set free.

From the safety of my sanctuary...I watch the shadows dance.




A mysterious package arrived on the doorstep of Jeffrey and Margaret's house. Inside it was a mysterious-looking book. There was a note that came with the book. It reads:

" Protect this book containing the tales of your dreams and nightmares with your life. This is your legacy. "


AirSharkSquad's Creepypasta Chronicles: Jeff The Killer - SERIES 3: A New Dawn

--- THE END ---

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