Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

It's a very popular place...especially for the little ones.

It's best known for it's animatronics that dance and sing.

They have a special place in our hearts.

It would have never been this way without good old Fredrick's help.

And it really would have never been this way if we, the good people of the Chronos Institute didn't intervene and stop the one man from plotting it's tragic downfall.

I'm talking about the man...who wore a Purple business suit.

He was a child molester and a serial killer.

He never really got along with people.

He HATED children.

And so, we had no choice...but to kill him. For it was HE that caused the franchise's demise.

It all started back in the days where Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was originally known as, " FredBear's Family Diner ".

A birthday party was being held there. The children all cheered as their favorite top hat and bowtie-wearing bear came out to greet the kids and hand out cake.

A young boy looking in from the outside was there while all this was happening.

We kept close watch.

" WARNING. SERIAL KILLER DETECTED. " One of our searcher drones have found him. We must respond!

I sent one of my men to subdue and capture the killer and another to protect the young little boy and get him inside.

The killer is driving his car. Agent Charlie takes aim and shoots the windshield, forcing the car to veer off to a nearby ditch.

Agent Jackson tells the staff of the diner that there's a little boy waiting outside and wants in. The staff brings him in to safety.

The killer is trying to escape! Agent Charlie sweeps in to intercept. The killer tries to run, but Charlie is hot on his trail and close behind.

Agent Jackson spots a confused and worried mother looking for her son.

Agent Jackson: " Ma'am? Are you looking for someone? "

Mother: " I'm looking for my son. Have you seen him anywhere? "

Jackson brings her inside. Mother and son are reunited and enjoy the rest of the party together.

Charlie subdues and captures the killer. Knowing that he'll escape if they just turn him over to the police, he instead brings the killer over to the armored van we came in.

Shortly after the killer's capture, we interrogated him and gave him a lethal injection. Thus, we have prevented the many deaths of his countless victims and saved the reputation of a small family pizza joint that is now the most popular pizza restaraunt & play area franchise.

All for the children's sake.


*phone ringing*

" Uhh...Hello? Hello? "