The Bite of '87...


" I...I hope she's alright. "

An investigation was launched and the restaurant was temporary closed down while we began our search.

" She couldn't have gone far. "

All of these questions were racing through our minds as we searched for our beloved animatronic fox. And nothing could keep our minds off the fateful event that could have been the Missing Children Incident.

That occurrence must have been why the animatronics had been behaving strangely in our nightmares.

But...since the Purple Guy was killed before he could get his hands on his first victim, that event had ceased to be in the first place.

" Maybe the children can help us? "

" No, no! Bad idea! They might get attacked by her if she sees them. "

" How about Marionette, then? "

We were running out of options pretty fast.

" Marionette has gone missing, too! "

Marionette has gone missing, too? Could he have known about Miss Foxy's disappearance and left to find her?

Little did we knew, something was about to go down that could change everything we thought we had known forever.