" I hope she's alright. "...



Miss Foxy hides in the city's alleyways avoiding unwanted attention of strangers and passer-bys.

She soon begins to notice that the police are out and on full force.

She begins to panic. Knowing that the police are searching for her, she searches for the best place where no one can find her.

Miss Foxy takes shelter inside a run-down, abandoned five-story high-rise building, evading capture by the police.

Unknown to her, young 11-year-old Jeffrey Woods and his friends, Robin Weatherbee, Toby Rogers, Jane Arkensaw, Sally Williams, Ben Peterson and Sesseur are also taking shelter inside the building. Evading capture by the Slenderman and the Marble Hornets sect.

Miss Foxy hides in a dark corner of one of the floors of the building. She keeps as quiet as possible as Jeffrey and his friends move upward to the higher floors. She soon sees young Jeffrey enter the floor of the building she is on and starts to become nervous.

Young Jeffrey Woods: " Hello...hello? "

As Jeffrey searched around on the third floor of the building, Miss Foxy could tell that he was just as nervous as she was. She then began to recognize him as he had been to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria before, along with his friends.

Young Jeffrey Woods: " I think it's safe. "

The rest of Jeff's friends soon came up to the floor to search around with him. Miss Foxy became so nervous as they searched, she let out a barely audible electronic chirping sound. Jeffrey was the only person to hear it.

Jeff slowly approached where the chirping sound had came from. And through what little light that illuminated from the city's streetlamps, he could see Miss Foxy cowering in the dark corner of the room. He didn't what to think about, at first. But he knew that she was also in distress and attempted to console her.