Look at him. Standing around with the gun and knife in his hands. Pondering what to do. Every second of watching him is making my blood boil with anger and rage. Reminding me of how much I wanted him to leave me and my big brother, Liu alone. And even reminding me of that night that he and his friends tried to kill me.

Seeing him threaten another poor, innocent kid just made me want to kill him even more.

As my past self steadies the sniper rifle in his hands, Robin whispers to him, preparing him for the call to attack.

" Steady...steady... " was what Robin had whispered.

He's moving in close. He does not notice anything fishy at all. He does not notice us. He can't see us. But we can see him.

We have him right where we want him.

" NOW!! "

Robin and I both give the signal to my past self to pull the trigger. He does just that and the bullet goes flying through the air. Puncturing a small through the window glass and finishing up by piercing the side of Randy's head, severing a major artery and killing him on impact.

Randy wavered a bit before falling to the floor and collapsing until he was finally dead.

After Randy had bit the bullet, all five of us rushed to the window where Randy and his hostage were standing at. Smashing the glass of the window using my running jump kick, I forced my way into the hideout with basically little to no effort.

Once all of us were inside, we wasted no time freeing the hostage while I cut off Randy's head with my knife, making sure that he stays dead.

Once Randy's hostage was freed from his restraints, he asked us who we were. We simply told him that we were here to rescue him.

Suffice to say, he was relieved that he wasn't going to die.

And I would help prove that he wouldn't die.