Randy Warren...that god-awful jerk...that mean penny pincher...that high school idiot that had caused me and my brother and our parents so much no more.

He had already died in the past at the state prison in an accident...and now, he is dead in me and my young 10-year-old past self's world of dreams.

He deserved to die.

The perfect little boy that I thought was gone had been saved by my own hands. I had reclaimed not only my sanity, but his sanity, too.

Ever since Robin and I had caused that fatal car crash/pile-up which caused both my Dad and my brother to die, I made a vow to watch over and protect my younger self and his mother from all dangers. Even in their dreams. When they were shown the truth about me/our future, I knew there and then that not only did my mother had feelings for my past self, she had feelings for me that were indeed true. Feelings that I didn't know she even had. And that she would never forsake us ( me and my 10-year-old past self ).

Since then, I had helped my past self and Mother conquer their fears. Robin and I taught self-defense to my past self while Robin's parents taught Mother how to become a better parent. is time to put an end to these horrible nightmares once and for all. We must kill Randy Warren's DreamWorld counterpart so that I and my past self won't have to think about him anymore.

Lucky for me, Robin had taught my young past self how to use firearms and stealth. Both he and the spirit of my deceased brother, Liu will join us in tracking down Randy so that we can force him to stop haunting our nightmares. Young Jane Arkensaw has also decided to come with us, too. For she, too wants to end the circle of her neverending nightmares.

It's been a long journey. It will all end here. Tonight.