NAME: Robin Weatherbee Jr.

AGE: 14 years old ( supposedly )

GENDER: Male ( Caucasian )

RELATIVES: Robin Weatherbee Sr. ( father ), Eileen Weatherbee ( mother ), Merrimew " Mary " Weatherbee ( sister )


An agent of the Chronos Institute Space-Time Correctional Annex, Robin Weatherbee was one of the agents chosen by the high command to travel through time and space to undo the evil curse of Zalgo. To prevent him from breaching our reality and corrupting it. To undo the curse, all of the tragic events linked to any type of dark activity ( paranormal or not ) had to be undone. By preventing them from happening in the first place.

The event Robin chose to undo were the events leading up to the infamous accident that gave rise to Jeff The Killer. To do that, Robin traveled to the time when Jeffrey Alan Woods was only 10 years old. Sometime before the move to the neighborhood where Randy Warren ( Jeff's bully and tormentor ) and his friends lived. Robin knew that he had to find a time before Jeff's father, Peter Anderson Woods got the promotion.

And he did. However, the only time that he could find Peter alone and on the road was with his older son and Jeff's older brother, Liu Arthur Woods. But Robin decided to make up for this and find a way to become Jeff's friend. So, after causing a huge pile-up on the road that resulted in the deaths of both Peter and Liu Woods, Robin and his parents, Robin Weatherbee Sr. and Eileen Weatherbee and his sister, Merrimew ( Mary ) Weatherbee moved into the neighborhood where Jeff and his mother, Margaret Blalock Woods lived. Together, they helped Jeff and his mother through all the hard times and became good neighbors.

Thanks to his telekinetic abilities, Robin is able to communicate to people in their dreams. Which is why he was able to show Jeffrey and Margaret Woods the truth about their future in one of their dreams.

But more importantly, he taught both Jeff and his younger past self how to combine their imagination with reality and logic and use it as a driving force for fighting evil.