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One of my classmates came to me in one of my dreams one night.

His name was Daniel Schroder. Or Danny, for short.

Since then, I've seen him come to me in my dreams in my times of trouble.

I remember one such dream when I found myself in the pitch black darkness of my imagination. The voices inside my head were talking to me as always. They were getting more and more hostile as my dream went on.

They all spoke of how evil and unforgiving humans were.

It was too overbearing.

That's when Danny came to me in a beam of light that pierced the darkness. All the voices had stopped when he came.

" Do not fear me. " , he said as he came closer to me. 

" I know what you're going through. I know your pain. That's why I have come. To show you the light...and they way. Chronos has sent me to help you change your future for the greater good. "

The greater good? Change my future?

What is he talking about?

Through him, I would soon find out.