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I met up with Danny and the rest of my new classmates the next day.

I wanted to have a little talk with him after class.

I could still hear the voices in my head screaming and shouting at me not to do so. They were angry with me. They were always angry with me.


I don't know why. That's just the way it was.

But I tried my best to not let that get in my way.

We had a little talk together at lunchtime. I told Daniel about what I saw in my dream. He saw it, too. And now I knew that it was much more than just a dream. He really DID traveled back in time to save both me and my friend, Brian from becoming Slenderman's proxies.

And those voices that were talking to me, those were the voices of the DreamWorld version of Zalgo. The Zalgo that never will be.

Now...I also knew that Zalgo had existed at one point or another.

And now, everything had been made clear.

Danny and I have kept his time-traveling quest a secret to everyone else save our classmates for fear of being accused and imprisonment...or worse...for a while, now.

To anyone who may come across this journal entry by any means possible, I hope you will understand what I went through.

P. S. Brian, if you can hear me, I hope you will understand, too. Danny has seen it. I've seen it. My parents and my classmates have seen it. I hope you will see it, too.

--- Tim Sutton ( NOT Masky of Marble Hornets )


But this is not the end...only the beginning.