Margaret Blalock Woods: " Please...Liu...don't do this to us. We mean you no harm. We just...want to help you get well. "

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " SHUT YOUR GODDAMNED MOUTH, YOU HEARTLESS, GOLDDIGGING DRUNKARD BONDWOMAN!!! "

Both me and mother were hurt by what Homicidal Liu had just said.

I had slap some more sense into him for making her cry.

I took control of the microphone so that I could return the favor.


Evil Liu was stunned when he heard what I had to say. He was confused when he heard my voice. " Who are you?! " was what he said.

I replied with: " Oh, like you don't know, Liu. IF that's really your real name AND not someone else's. ". And he replied with: " WHAT?! do you know my name?! "

" Don't you remember, Liu? I've been at your side ever since you and I went to school together. " was what I said. Followed by: " I've always been the one that you've been trying to protect. I go to your room to sleep with you when I have bad dreams. You and I...have always been perfect angels together. How could not remember that? ".

Liu's evil counterpart had a hard time trying to understand.

" You...don't remember me? I remember you. I have come to save you from your inhuman actions. To relieve you from your life of crime. You are NOT a monster. YOU are a human me. We're only human. " was what I said hoping to get Homicidal Liu to understand.

But my words could only stir up more anger and confusion inside of him.

" YOU'RE STALKING ME!!! YOU'RE TRYING TO EITHER KILL ME OR PUT ME IN JAIL!!! YOU'RE - " was what he had shouted out before I interrupted with: " SHUT UP AND LISTEN, YOU BIG FAT JERK!! ". He was shocked when I said those words to him.

It was right there and then that I had to express my feelings to him.

" How could you say that I'm a stalker when you don't even know my name? How could you recognize our parents and not recognize me? We just want to SAVE you from your wrongful actions. But you're treating all three of us like we're nothing. " was what I said to him. Followed by: " You still don't remember who I am...don't you...Sully? "

" Sully?! " was what he responded with. Followed by: " My name is NOT Sully! My name is Liu Arthur Woods!! ". And I responded with: " If Liu IS your real name, then you would remember who I am! "

I was starting to become more and more angrier by his words.

" All these years that I've been at your side, my feelings were NEVER WRONG. " was what I said to him. I had to make him remember his old past with me. That's when I began to ramble about those who never did understand me.

" Seminars and lectures alongside rows of stupid, unforgiving kids who couldn't even begin to understand who I really was on the inside. Older kids...older kids laughing behind my back at the boy wonder...and becoming famous putting you and me down. PUTTING YOU AND ME DOWN!!! "

Liu's evil counterpart heard me loud and clear. He had dropped the knife he used to kill the many innocent civilians in the building. His eyes had widened with shock.

At the same time, my past self began to notice that I, myself was becoming more and more unstable. I knew this because I heard him whisper this to Robin and his parents: " I hope he's not on the edge of a nervous breakdown, if not insanity. ".

But I didn't wanted it to be like that in the first place. And so, I said to them: " Insanity? NO! I can't let Liu die down there! They'll be after us, too! Four toys to be crushed as fate chooses. " before falling to my knees and sobbing softly. Mrs. Weatherbee came to comfort me. She knew that Liu's evil clone was messing with me and my family. All of us tried to stop it. All of us failed. Homicidal Liu/Sully just didn't want to face the facts.

" All the remaining innocents are escaping the building. The police and MI6 agents are leading them out. Everyone else have been wasted. " was what Mr. Weatherbee said as he looked at the security monitors.

We all looked at the screens in complete sadness. Homicidal Liu was just standing there in the center of the main floor of the building that was now red with blood and littered with corpses in confusion as the police and agents led the civilians out.

If only...there was someone...who had a voice...that would speak up for our sake...and the sake of all the innocent victims.

It was finally time for one voice to speak out. Not just for us...but for everyone that had been affected by what had just happened.

One voice...that could change the fate of the cause.

I knew that there was one person that had that voice.


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