As Dad's spirit tried to get Homicidal Liu to stop his murderous actions as the two spoke over the intercom system, brother Liu's spirit took notice of what was really going on with his evil counterpart.

Liu Arthur Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " Robin... "

Robin turned to Liu's attention.

Liu Arthur Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " He's just as human as I am. He's even more human than what we thought he was. "

Robin Weatherbee Jr. : " I am most impressed with the way Zalgo created this particular clone. He has created the perfect mirror image of a regular human being from the old reality. "

Could it be that Zalgo himself had found a way to transfer Homicidal Liu from the old reality to our DreamWorld?

Our thoughts were cut short when we heard what Liu's evil counterpart had said to Dad over the intercom as we watched him over the City Hall's sectuity cameras.

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " They attacked me! THEY ATTACKED ME!! They took my little brother away and almost tried to kill me. They deserved to die! All monsters must die! I must kill them so that me and my family can survive. "

Peter Anderson Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " We WILL survive. Nothing is going to harm you or us. I promise you that. You are great. I am great. "

All of us began to have doubts over Dad's attempt to get Homicidal Liu to stop his murderous ways.

Peter Anderson Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " Twenty years of groping to prove the things I've done before were not accidents. "

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " Accidents? ACCIDENTS?! Dad, you and Mom put me and my brother through hard times and in danger! Does that sound like an accident to you?! "

Daddy began to sob softly and silently.

Peter Anderson Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " I'm sorry...I... "

It was then Mother's turn to speak up as Robin passed the intercom microphone to her.

Margaret Blalock Woods: " Please...forgive us. We...we never meant for these terrible things to even happen. Neither of us didn't even KNOW that such events would happen. "

She acted as if Hommie Liu's mother Margaret was brought back to life and tried desperately to get him to stop. Dad acted in the same way when he tried to get Liu's evil doppelganger to stop.

Suffice to say, neither succeeded.


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