Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " WHERE IS HE?! I KNOW YOU ARE HOLDING HIM SOMEWHERE!! "

We were all scared. Not just because of what he did, but also what he said as well. His words had two meanings. But it also begged the question, " Is there another Jeff that he's talking about? ".

The police had tried everything to stop Liu's evil counterpart from murdering the innocent civilians. To no avail. Some people tried to get out, to get away from the murderous maniac, only to get stopped short of the exit door by security who urged them to stay.

Soon, it became an horrific struggle between the guards and the civilians as they fought furiously against each other. I remember seeing some of the civilians attacking the guards with their teeth as the only realistic solution of getting out alive. It didn't matter anyway. Everyone was about to die.

" LET US OUT!!! LET US OUT!!! " was what one person said.

Security and police tried everything to save the innocent civilians and stop Liu's evil counterpart all at once. And everybody just simply weren’t cooperating. Even worse was the lack of communication. Actually, security did try to communicate with the civilians, but there was just too much chaos running about and everybody wanted out.

What a horrific sight to see.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Real-life, Age 12 ): " Is there any way we can communicate with him? Is there any way we can get him to stop? "

There was a way. Lucky the security room had a building-wide intercom system that would allow us to talk to him one way or another.

Peter Anderson Woods ( ghost ): " I'll talk to him first. I want to let him know that we, " his " real parents are still alive. "


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