After successfully escaping from the wrath of Homicidal Liu, Robin led the rest of us back to the armored car and drove us to the City Hall Center.

Why did brother Liu's evil counterpart suddenly ceased fighting and then stared at us in shock? That was the question that was still on our minds.

But none of us wanted to think about it anymore. Because Robin had heard from Sonic and Shadow of the SCP that he had escaped their custody.

Sonic The Hedgehog ( SCP Captain ) ( via radio ): " Code Red! Code Red! Homicidal Liu has escaped! All units respond! "

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Real-Life/ Age 12 ): " Is he coming after us? "

No one wanted to believe it.

We made our way into the upper level of the City Hall Center where the security room was located. No one attempted to hinder us.

We seemed safe.

We watched from the safety of the security room's monitors as the people inside the City Hall Center went about their business until, they had received the a warning from the police that a homicidal maniac was on the loose and ordered everyone to stay inside.

" ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!! A murderous homicidal serial killer is on the loose in the city! All units respond! All civilians are to remain inside until the murderer is caught or killed. " was what everyone heard on the loudspeakers inside the building.

Shortly after, Homicidal Liu came storming in. He attacked everyone around him. Some tried to run. Others tried to fight back. Many died in the ferocious onslaught. And then we heard...something that none of us expected him to say.

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " WHERE IS MY BROTHER?! I WANT HIM BACK!!! "

All of us found it hard to believe, at first.

And then it was all made clear.


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