That voice!! Oh, no!! Jane is in danger!!

We had rushed to Jane's rescue to find her under attack by Zalgo-created clones of the evil counterparts of herself and brother Liu from the old reality. Jane The Killer...and Homicidal Liu a.k.a. Sully.

The " old reality " had came back to haunt us and now, things have taken a brual turn for the worse.

There was no way I was going to see Jane die. And so, I had attacked her evil counterpart as well as Liu's before either one could even lay a finger on her. I had to slap some sense into both of them.

They were not all too happy about it.

Jane's evil counterpart was forced to flee when Robin and Sonic started shooting. Leaving us with only Homicidal Liu to deal with.

Suffice to say, I had the upper hand in the fight against him.

Just as Hommie Liu was about to retaliate, something else had caught his attention. None of us knew who or what it was, but he just suddenly stopped his fighting and stared directly at...something...or someone

His eyes had widened. He went from angry to what we assumed to be fear and/or sadness. None of us knew what caused it. It must have been due to me slapping him in the face. But it could've been anything.

Then I noticed that my past self was staring right at him. The two seemed to have locked eyes with each other. I could tell by the looks in both of their eyes that something was wrong.

Homicidal Liu looked like he felt ashamed when he saw my past self's face. And now, he was face-to-face with the brother he once knew.

No one wanted to know what was going to happen next. And so, we all ran while Sonic and Shadow ( who had just arrived ) stayed behind to fend Hommie Liu off. My past self couldn't stop staring at him, though. Even with me, mother and the spirits of real Liu and Dad alongside him.

None of us could blame him, though.


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