Keith Daviss.

It was Keith who set me on fire in the would-have-been future of my old life and it was Keith who has become an enemy to Randy in my new life.

I learned from Robin's dad about what Randy had told him about how Keith was acting very strangely. He apparently had became a stalker and was constantly at odds with him. It wasn't long enough until the strange behavior led to murder as Troy Bridges, another one of Randy's former friends had gone missing for a very long time.

It wasn't long enough that his now-rotting corpse was soon found.

Soon after, three more murders had followed up along with a message that was sent to Randy by an anonymous stalker...written in blood.

" YOU'RE NEXT!!! "

Frightened, Randy seeked help from the local police and they moved him out of town and eventually to here. Now I know why Randy had changed so much.

Once Randy was able to make friends with us and all of the other kids in our community center, I watched over him, too. I kept an eye out for Keith knowing that he might return someday.

I knew that we both had to prepare.