They were finally beginning to understand. And so I told them: " I sincerely hope that you will forgive me for what I had to do. When I saw the video that Robin and his family showed to you, when I read the journal you found that belonged to your dad, I faced some bitter truths. I know you had, too. I knew that something had to be done. I knew that if I chose not to do it, our future would be in uncertain danger. I only thought of you in the moments when I found the strength. The pain of losing our parents...our family...and our overall well-being was all too much to bear. I risk failing, even now. "

And now, they began to know who I was. That was when I decided to show my face to them.

Up until this point, I had been watching after them incognito. I didn't want anyone else except who I knew to see me or even know who I was. I had also altered my appearance to resemble the version of me that both me and my past self and brother Liu's past self saw in the video provided by the Weatherbee family.

It wasn't a full alteration, however. I had just dyed my hair black and carve that familiar looking smile into my face. The cuts weren't that deep. The smile only got bigger every time I grin or yawn. I also had some medical help from Mrs. Weatherbee to keep it from bleeding too much and getting infected.

I did this because I was ashamed about how I felt and what our parents did. I did this because of who I was and to show our parents the errors of their stupid mistakes and the bad childhood that I once had. I did this to let them know I was telling the truth.

Because of my altered appearances, I had to be in disguise whenever I had to go out in public. The Weatherbees gave me a black leather jacket to wear over my white hooded jacket, a black wide brim hat, two face masks, a black mask with red scar-like stripes and the " Operator's Symbol " and a mental hospital patient's muzzle to hide my facial scars and sunglasses.

I didn't want anyone other than my past self and brother Liu's past self to see who I was.