I saw them and they saw me. I got my chance to meet both me and my brother Liu's young past selves alone for the first time.

" That's the one. That's the man who saved us from those bad kids. " was what my young 11-year-old past self said.

Mrs. Weatherbee led all three of us into a room to let us have a little private conversation alone. There, I explained what I was doing the entire time to help protect them.

" Who are you? " was the first question I was asked.

And I told them: " You already know who I am. I've seen you in my dreams. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I have crossed oceans of time to find you. To be with you. To save you. ".

" Save us? " was what I was asked next.

And I answered: " Day and night, I've have haunted and disturbed by nightmares and guilt. I couldn't bear the pain any longer. That was when I decided to do something about it. ".

" Do something about it? " I saw me and my brother Liu talk to each other over it to themselves.

And I said to them: " You have no idea how far I've gone to save you from the blight of bullying. I risk failing, even now. When Robin showed me my future if I had chosen not to do anything about it, I knew our family's future would be in grave danger. "