After they had seen what was shown to them on the video, I saw them both, all terrified and confused. I saw my younger self break into tears as brother Liu's younger self held him in his arms.

They saw something that they did not want. A future that they don't want to have happen. A future that the Weatherbee family and I knew all too well. Something that needed to be forgotten forever.

Thankfully, Mrs. Weatherbee stepped in and told that they had prevented what they saw from ever happening. She told them that they wanted to ensure a much better future for them and that they would do everything in their power to help them. She and her son, Robin were there to console them and help them find joy when they needed it.

Mrs. Eileen Weatherbee: " You were lucky that we were there to save you. You still have each other. That's what counts. Hope still remains with you. We knew that if we didn't come to intervene, you would have also destroyed each other in the process as well. We did this because we cared about you. Because it was the right thing to do. "

Liu Arthur Woods ( Age 12 ): " She's right. We do have each other. There's still hope for us and our family. "

It was right there and then that me and my brother's past selves found out they were time travelers.

Not only were they surprised to find out that the Weatherbees were time travelers, but that they had come to save them. They had never seen time travelers or even knew that time travel was even possible.

With that newfound knowledge, me and my brother's past selves had found a glimmer of hope after hearing what she had said. I knew I had found a helpful doctor not just for me, but for my whole family. But they weren't the only ones that would help them in times of trouble.

I knew I had to help them, too.