I hope someone will believe me when I write this.

My name is Jeffrey Alan Woods. But you can just call me Jeff. And in the time it took me to write down this journal entry, a lot of teenagers and young children around the ages of me and my brother Liu's past selves will be subjected to unfair acts of bullying and parental abuse. 

All because of you and your insatiable hunger for hate and violence.

I think I should explain what I'm trying to accomplish.

It all started one day when I was returning home from school.

My brother, Liu was still in Juvenile Detention for that terrible fight we had with Randy Warren and his friends.

All of a sudden, I saw...something de-materializing out of thin air right before my eyes. It looked like a telephone booth, but it had a very futuristic appearance. I knew it had to have been some sort of time machine.

But what was more unexpected wasn't just the person that piloted it, but the reason they came.