<---PART 1:


My young past self was cowering in the corner while Isaac, Sammy and the real Laughing Jack ( Rainbow colors ) protected him while they watched me kill the clone of the evil black-and-white counterpart created by Zalgo's DreamWorld spirit.

I knew all too well how much my past self was afraid of clowns.

So did they.

That was why they helped both me and my past self hunt him down so that he wouldn't threaten us anymore. So that we wouldn't have to think about him anymore.

It was a terrible thing to mind.

But not anymore.

After all had been done, I stared at the bloodied corpse of the evil Laughing Jack with an overwhelming rage. I could remember the sheer amount of trauma that he had given my past self in his dreams.

I could even remember the backstory of how the evil Laughing Jack came to be. But I won't tell you that. Enough damage has been done.

So instead, I'll tell you how the Chronos Institute had managed to prevent this abomination from even happening in the first place. 


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