" I...HATE...CLOWNS!!!! " was what I had shouted as I drove my knife into Laughing Jack's chest over and over repeatedly. I wanted him to hurt as much as his countless victims did.

I also didn't want him to hurt my young past self nor his friends nor Isaac Grossman nor Samuel Kingsley. For it was those two kids that the evil Laughing Jack was after.

The other Laughing Jack...the REAL one...the one with the rainbow colors on the other hand, wanted to protect them. And when HE was threatened, I had to protect him. Killing his evil black and white imposter was the only option I could think of. There was just no other way.

The black-and-white phantom-aping imposter violently thrashed and flailed around as I vigorously ripped him apart piece by piece. His screaming became louder as he became more and more desperate trying to escape.


Ten minutes of stabbing, ripping and tearing him apart, Evil Laughing Jack had finally expired.

" " were his last words.


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