UPDATE: I've managed to get a little more information from young little Jeffrey Woods yesterday. He's been keeping a record of his dreams/nightmares/visions in a special journal in hopes that we can find out what is really haunting him.

He relayed everything that he saw in his latest dream he had last night.

He told me that he has been seeing visions of what appeared to be a human or human-like serial killer wearing a white hooded jacket with a black shirt underneath, black jeans ( or blue jeans, case depending ) and black shoes with white soles ( much like what he is wearing these days ).

" He seemed to be wearing my clothes. " was what he said to me.

The " killer " was tall and lanky and was covered in blood. He had pale, bone-white skin that smelled of bleach and alcohol. And his black hair smelled like it was burnt.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " That smell was too overbearing. "

The most scariest part though, as he told me, was his face. The killer's face had a unspeakable look of malice and insanity, the likes of which he had never seen before.

He told me that the being had dark, ominous, bloodshot eyes that appeared to be fixed and dilated. What's even more scarier is that he had no eyelids. Just dark, black circles/rings bordering his eyes. Upon closer inspection, they appeared to be sliced and/or burned off.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " His face...his face...oh, my...his face was as ghostly-white as was the rest of his body. His eyes...I've never seen such frightening eyes before! "

But...what frightened poor Jeffrey about the killer's face the most was...

...he had the most deranged-looking smile that he had ever seen.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " Oh, dear. That...that smile...I just...I just can't take my eyes off of it. I can't get it out of my head, either. That's the worst part. "

The killer's " smile " was a huge glasgow-style chelsea grin/Cheshire Cat smile that had blood dripping downward from it. And if you looked at it from the correct angle, you could see the exposed sides of his teeth, too.

The first time that Jeff had seen the mysterious killer as he told me, his family ( or what resembled his family as he himself was nowhere to be seen or found ) was murdered and the house that they were living in was burned down to the ground. Jeff could hear the killer's maniacal laughter echoing through the rain-filled night. He was terrified when he saw what the killer had done.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " He killed them all. Mom, Dad, Liu. They...they were all dead and my future self was not there to save them. "

As the killer ran out the door, Jeff had somehow attracted the killer's attention. The killer was slowly walking towards Jeff, staring at him with overwhelming rage and insanity. Jeff was frozen in fear and was unable to move as the killer approached him.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " There was nothing I could do but watch. He was going to kill me, too. I could feel the fire slowly burning upwards in my body. "

Then...the killer spoke to Jeffrey in a low, raspy-sounding voice. What the killer had said was the scariest and most disturbing thing he heard him say.

The Killer: " "