-----St. John's Middle School For People With Special Needs-----

Patient/Student No. 00462

Name: Jeffrey Alan Woods

Age: 10 Years Old

Gender: Male ( Caucasian )

Reason: Nightmares, Night terrors, Multiple fears, Anxiety, Hallucinations, Bipolar depression, Intrusive thoughts, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Ah, yes. Mr. Jeffrey Alan Woods. A truly interesting case, indeed. Why do you ask? Really? I was not aware that such events had occurred. It all started when he was around 10 years old. The young boy's mother, Margaret Blalock Woods called me at dawn on one cold winter's morning. She said that something was wrong with her son. He woke up screaming. He was in a catatonic, traumatized state and kept mumbling the same words over and over. She didn't know what was wrong and so, she called me and told me.

This is what I heard Jeff say over the phone when I was talking to his mother:

" HE IS COMING!!!! Consider him, for HE hates me with the most cruel of all hatred of any kind! I don't want to see killed by him, or worse...BECOME HIM!!! He must be stopped! Please!!! Help me!!! "

I told her to bring him to my office that instant. And when they arrived, he was still shaking and shivering and talking gibberish. His bloodshot eyes were pulsating practically bursting out of their sockets. He had his arms crossed, acting as if he was locked up in a straightjacket with his hands clutching tightly on the front sides of his white hooded jacket. He was pale with fright and his clothes were drenched with sweat.

I've gotta tell you, I've never seen anyone like this before. And I'm not one for the old school, but hypnosis was the only solution that I could think of. I brought him back from where he was...carefully laid him on my psychiatrist couch...and began to ask him questions, slowly, one at a time.

" Where are you? " is what I asked first.

And he replied with: " There...his domain...his territory...Oh, my...please help me. Is he dead? LIU!!!! "

Liu...I've heard of the name before...but wasn't sure who Liu was supposed to be. I whirled around to his terrified mother and asked: " Who is Liu? "

She managed to whisper. " His older brother...our first son...he... "

" Never mind. I'm losing him! " is what I interrupted her with. I went back to Jeff and continued my questioning. " What do you see? " was my next question to him...and what I had gotten from him:

" So much much thick...rotting...festering blood. Chains with shackles...everywhere...Prison cells. Barbed wires. An electric chair. Ugly-looking people. So many dead bodies. Fire. So much pain...EVERYWHERE!!! It won't stop! Everything...all red!!! me!! I'm FALLING!!!! "

His mother and I could tell that he was in distress and was panicking. He was comatose...but could still hear us. The next thing I asked him was: " JEFF!!! Where are you falling to?! ". And he replied with:

" I...I don't open field...I'm...I'm don't want to leave...but I need to find him. Please, help me...I need to find Liu...I need to find my big brother! Please! PLEASE!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!! "

Slowly, the child rose to his feet and leapt off the couch, howling, then collapsed on the floor, asleep.

Hours later, I woke him up and asked him what had happened. What dreams and/or vision or anything else of his own mind had he seen? He relayed what little he remembered. What he had his mother and I had us all frightened.