Not long after young Jeffrey Woods saw the mysterious unknown serial killer in his dreams, his mother, Margaret Blalock Woods also began seeing visions of the exact same killer that her son saw in her dreams.

Young Jeffrey also began having intrusive thoughts and would sometimes go into " episodes " where he would slowly fall to his hands and knees, shivering and shaking and then curl up and begin to cry, miserably, sometimes even with his hands over his head and ears, as if fearing some sort of terrible punishment.

Seeing this, Margaret felt sorry for not only poor little Jeffrey and her family, but for herself, too.

She had forgotten about her mental problems as well and felt unprepared for what was to come.

It is always said that the first year of parenting is always the hardest.

But now...her husband, Peter...and their first-born son, Liu...were both dead.

She was on her own. She did not know what to do next.

Margaret Blalock Woods: " Please...forgive me, my son. I'm sorry... "

She began looking for answers soon after.

And...surely did came with the arrival of a new next-door neighbor. The new neighbor's name was Robin Weatherbee. He had a beautiful wife named Eileen and two children. A son named Robin Jr. And a daughter named Merrimew ( or Mary ). Margaret told Robin Sr. and Eileen that her husband had died along with their first-born son, Liu, leaving only her and her second-born son, Jeffrey in distress.

Lucky for her...and Jeffrey, both Robin Sr. and Eileen were doctors and were happy to help. They helped Margaret pay off any bills she needed to pay and taught her how to be a single parent and a better altogether. While Robin Jr. and Mary became friends with her son, Jeff, helping him become a better person.

To Jeffrey, Robin Weatherbee Jr. was not just any old-fashioned next-door neighbor, he felt at peace with him. He had felt a warm and calming feeling that he had never felt before.

Robin and Mary would not be the last people Jeff would make friends with, though. This was only the beginning of what was to come.