Jayden...saw the truth.

His real-world friend, Ben Peterson and his DreamWorld friend, Link Albane knew what was really going on. And now, they needed to put a stop to all the chaos that was The Moon Children. The suicidal cult that was planning to bring the world to an end.

The spirit of his friend, Ben's deceased father and the Happy Mask Salesman were pulling the strings of Ben and Jayden's nightmares and causing so much trouble in the DreamWorld's New Hyrule and Termina Island domains, it wasn't even funny. Not one bit.

Something had to be done.

Alex " Jayden " Hall: " Have you found any new evidence, yet? "

Link was busy sorting out what he had discovered.

Link Albane: " Here's one! "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson: " Let's have a look! "