Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Real World, Age 13 ): " What's going on? "

Jeff and his friends got lost in the surrounding chaos that was happening in the city square.

Robin Weatherbee Jr.: " Look!! Someone is coming out of the portal! "

Lord KHAOS: " Behold!! I have arrived!! "

Everyone who was in the city square at the time were in shock when they saw lord KHAOS enter through the portal.

Lord KHAOS: " the glory days...of the new world! "

Many people were in confusion when they heard him say those words.

" What does he mean? " ,was what were in the minds of many.

Lord KHAOS: " Soon, I will have complete control of the entire universe!! You will bow before your new master! "

An army of blood-red gargoyle-like demons soon appeared behind him.

Lord KHAOS: " Refuse and you will face the wrath of my army!! "