At the site where the neon light struck the pavement of the road like a lightning bolt, a perfectly made circle of stones appeared.

In the center of the circle, there laid a small obsidian stone-like object with some strange symbols carved into it.

The stone-like object caught Jeff's attention. He went over to the circle of stones to pick it up.

A soft, light blue glow emmanted from it.

Exultant memories came rushing back to Jeff and his friends as he held the stone in his hands. The last time he and his friends saw such a thing as this, it was cast down by Brian Thomas in the DreamWorld to banish both Slenderman and his nemesis, Zalgo from the DreamWorld and reality forever.

The three were in joy when they saw such a beautiful sight. For it reminded them of that small glimmer of hope they had in their dreams. It reminded them never to lose sight of hope. soon gave way to apprehension.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Real World, Age 13 ): " Wait...this stone...why is it doing here? Wasn't it just a dream? "

Jeff seemed surprised and confused at the same time upon this incredible discovery. Robin and Ben felt the same way as Jeff did.

And it wouldn't be long until...something far bigger would happen.

Something that would change all of reality forever.