And as the dark clouds rolled in, the storm was on the horizon.

The first few drops of rain fell from the sky.

The sound of thunder rolls in.

And not before long, the first few lightning strikes have become visible.

In the midst of the storm, a mysterious blue neon light shone in the dark skies. What could it be? A sign from God? Aliens? Something else?

Suddenly...a flash of bright light as the blue neon light from the sky strikes the pavement of a nearby road. A mysterious electric crackling sound emanated from it when it pierced the ground.

The flash of light and the crackling sound were enough to grab the attention of Jeff, Ben and Robin.

The rain had suddenly stopped. It was the perfect time to rush out to the site of where the neon light had struck.

When they arrived at the scene, they saw something that was almost impossible to believe.