Jeffrey Woods and his two friends, Robin Weatherbee and Ben Peterson sat quietly in the living room of his and his mother, Margaret's house watching whatever was on TV in the moments before the skies turned dark and the rain began to fall.

It had been three years since his brother and his father had died in a car accident and passed away. Three years since he and his mother saw the truth about what their future would've been if that accident hadn't happened. Three years since he made new friends...and found a guardian angel...someone from another time...someone who knew about the Woods family's plight more than he or his mother knew.

Someone to watch over them their dreams.

Jeff is 13 years old now.

It should've been a time of peace for him and his mother. But even so, the comforts of the real world just couldn't compare to what they had witnessed in their world of dreams.

The DreamWorld had always been their safe sanctuary. A place to go to at night to escape from the unforgiving horrors of reality.

The deceased spirits of brother Liu and father Peter would always be there to comfort them. While Jeff's future self would always be there to protect them. He along with Robin Weatherbee had helped his young past self face his fears and prove to them that whatever they saw in their dreams was only an illusion created by the human brain, itself.

Besides just his past self, he had also helped his friends in their dreams as well. To him, they were more that just friends, they were family.

The family he wished he could've had.

As Jeff and his two friends sat watching, a chill wind begins to rise.