All of the gathered guardians met up with MCP in the city that was under attack by KHAOS and his demonic forces.

From there, they began attacking immediately.

The Guardians fought valiantly together as a team. The battle was in their favor. But Lord KHAOS wasn't ready to surrender just yet.

He announced his evil plan to the guardians. To destroy all of reality by invading the real world. With his army of monsters, he plans to destroy all of humanity and make the Earth his own home.

The Guardians just couldn't allow this to happen.

As the crimson portal leading to Earth opens up, the team attempted to stop KHAOS from entering. But he slipped from their grasp before they could apprehend him. Leaving the Guardians to deal with minions as the portal gateway rapidly begins to close.

But not rapidly enough.

Once the Guardians had fended off KHAOS's minions, they rushed into the portal as fast as possible before it closed.

Now...the chase is on!