Jeff and his friends were surprised to not only see monsters from another dimension enter their world, but it also proved to them that their watchful guardian protectors really did exist.

Jeff and his mother, Margaret were surprised when they saw Jeff's future self save them from Lord KHAOS's minions when they attacked. And that furthered proved to them that Jeff's future self had indeed came to the past to save his family.

Ben, one of Jeff's friends was also surprised to see his imaginary friend, Link Albane of New Hyrule fight off Lord KHAOS's forces. It was soon made clear that Lord KHAOS wanted to exact revenge on them. To avenge the deaths of Slenderman and Zalgo in the DreamWorld. But more importantly, he seeks to exact revenge on the Chronos Institute for interfering with his plans to turn the real world evil.

This was only the beginning of what could be the most dangerous conflict that mankind will ever face. Lord KHAOS will in no doubt strike again in the real world.

The watchful protectors of the DreamWorld cannot rest for long. They must prepare for Lord KHAOS's next attack.