" Jeffrey!! Where are you? "

That was my Mom calling out to me! 

She was climbing up the fire escape while she was looking for me. I was afraid to call out to her, not willing to have my cover blown. didn't matter anyway. Randy and his gang were outside while she was calling out my name. I wasn't expecting them to find me through her. And yet, they did.

Robin was watching this when it happened and immediately sounded the building-wide alarm in hopes of fending off the intruders. 

I called out to Mom while this was happening. She was relieved when she found me. But we both knew that we couldn't stay in the building much longer.

I didn't want to take the fire escape that Robin, Mary and Mom came in through. Instead, we took the other fire escape on the opposite side of the building. We were all panicking as Robin and Mary led me, my mother and my friends out into the dark alleyways in search of safety.

At one point, the group got separated from each other after we ran into some dark shadow creatures that were hungry for flesh. Fortunately, me and Mom stayed close together. I wasn't sure how much longer we would last without the protection of Robin and Mary.

At another point, we ran into a dead end. As Mom and I were looking for any means of escaping, we could hear the laughing of Randy and his gang slowly creeping up on us.

" SH-SH-SH-SHOWTIME, JEFF!!! " Randy shouted, clutching the crowbar in his hands.

" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Mom shouted in terror. " DON'T DO THIS!!!! PLEASE!!! "

We held each other close and prayed for it to end. Neither of us weren't expecting this tragic end to be. But...neither of us gave up hope and prayed for help to come.

And...sure enough...

" GET AWAY FROM THEM YOU CRAZY MANIACS!!! " was what we both heard from out of the blue. Followed by one of the bullies ( Troy ) getting knocked out in the process. Followed by, " LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!!! ".

From out of the darkness, we saw what looked like a normal male human being ( with a normal-looking human skin color ) who was wearing a black leather jacket, a black trilby/fedora hat with a silver stripe and gray fingerless gloves. He was also wearing blue round sunglasses and a muzzle over his nose and mouth ( what doctors usually give asylum patients to wear ) to conceal his identity. But I could also tell that he was wearing a white hooded jacket with a black shirt underneath, black jeans and some familiar-looking sneakers.

Could it be? 

It wouldn't be too much longer for Mom and I to find out.