----- MY DREAM -----

My dream started with those three stalker-bullies whose names were once again Randy Warren, Keith Daviss and Troy Green. I was hiding on the third floor of an abandoned city building while they were searching for me, outside in the alleyways.

I was peeking out the window while they were searching outside. I kept quiet, making sure to not make a single sound.

Moving away from the closed window as they decided to search elsewhere, I made my way further up the old, rotting building to find a better hiding spot and hope that they won't find me.

As I ascended the building, hoping that Randy and his gang wouldn't find me, I felt like...I wasn't the only one hiding from the bullies.

And I was right. As soon as I reached the top floor of the condemned building, I saw all my friends huddled together, cowering in hiding. They didn't notice me at first, but once they did, they quietly called out to me to come over, as if they were afraid to talk out loud.

When I came over to join them, I asked them what was going on. They told me that they were hiding from the " monsters " that were after them.

" Monsters? "

I began to wonder what they meant by " monsters ".

And hit me. I, too knew what " monsters " they were talking about. It wasn't just bullies that were the monsters I and my friends were hiding from, but our intrusive thoughts that were slowly becoming their own " monsters " that we were hiding from, as well.

" long are we gonna stay in hiding? " was what I said.

" I don't wanna be in this nightmare anymore. " was what Ben said.

" Don't worry. Surely our friend, Robin will help us get through this. I know he will. " was what Timmy said.

Sure enough, Robin and his sister, Mary came into the building via the fire escape along with some agents from a far-off future to protect us.

They assured us that we were safe inside the building.

However...we wouldn't stay inside for that long.

And there was a good reason for that.