Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Mommy? Why are the police taking daddy to jail? What did he do wrong? "

Miss Peterson: " I don't know, sweetie. But the people of our church say that...he has The Devil inside him. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Is he really a demon in disguise? Is he that evil? "

Miss Peterson: " Looks like we'll never know, now. I didn't know about what had happened until the people on the street told me about this. "

Young Benjamin Peterson and his mother watched as his father was being taken away to the mental facility by the police. The people of the neighborhood church believed that he was under control the Prince of Darkness, himself, Satan. And that he was secretly running some sort of underground satanic cult bent on destroying mankind. But Ben and his mother knew nothing about it and if it was true.

Since his father's arrest and Institutionalization, Ben felt disturbed and was having intrusive thoughts about his father and what he was planning to do. These intrusive thoughts carried on into his nightmares and soon, Ben began to have trouble sleeping. He and his mother went from doctor to doctor and even had to transfer to another school when the bullying and the nightmares started getting worse.

The people over at St. John's Middle School were happy to accept Ben and wanted to help. Ben told the school what had happened prior to his transfer and what he and his mother have been going through. He had the same questions about his father over and over, every day.

What was his purpose? What was he trying to achieve? What was he planning to do?

One night...while Ben was sleeping...he heard a faint, distant voice talking to him.

???: " Ben...Ben...can you hear me? "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Who...who are you? "

The source of the voice was then revealed. The person who was talking to Ben was wearing a green tunic with a long, pointy cap, a blue vest, turquoise pants and red boots. His name was, Link Albane of New Hyrule. He was based on one of his favorite characters from The Legend of Zelda series of video games made by Nintendo. Joining him was Princess Jasmine Gainsborough Zelda as well as the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask versions of Young Link and Young Zelda. They came to Ben in his dream, sending him a warning. They told Ben the truth about his father and it bore grim news.

Link Albane: " Ben, your father is plotting against you. He is attempting to spread the evil influence of the Moon Children cult all across the corners of the Earth. He was planning to use you as his sacrifice. To appease the evil god of destruction and the goddess of the moon. He would use you to bring about the fall of mankind. He had to be stopped. Or else...the world would come to an tragic and horrific end. "

At first, Ben couldn't understand what Link was talking about.

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " But...why would daddy want to do something that evil? "

Jasmine Zelda: " Look into the Mirror of Truth, Ben. This is what you father was planning to do. "

Young Link ( Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask ): " Let's bring in his mother, too. I think she, too needs to see the truth of what could've happened. "

Ben and his mother watched what the Mirror of Truth had foretold to them. What they saw was an extraordinarily unspeakable story of torture that began to unfold before them. Ben's mother was seen murdered by her own husband and Ben, himself had been beaten up and had his eyeballs gouged out. His father then drowned him the family swimming pool, resulting in what seemed to be a failed sacrifice.

Jasmine Zelda: " This isn't the worst part. The real trouble is yet to come. "

The mirror then showed Ben and his mother what happened after the events they saw take place. A few years later, a sophomore student who goes by the name, Alex Hall ( a.k.a. Jadusable ) drove by his neighborhood looking for any yard sales in the area. He then came across Ben's father, now an elderly person, who sold him Ben's copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64 ( Ben's favorite game ). Apparently, Ben's tortured soul was trapped inside the cartridge and due to his now-insane state, he began manipulating the game to his will. Eventually, footage of the " game " was uploaded to YouTube and Ben's malevolent spirit soon broke loose onto the internet like a bad social epidemic disease.

Miss Peterson: " I...I...I don't believe it!! This...this was my husband's doing? Why?? "

Both Ben and his mother were in shock when they saw what had happened. Ben broke into tears soon after seeing that awful vision of the future. His mother was crying, too. But Link and Zelda both knew that this would never happen now that his father was detained.

Link Albane: " This doesn't have to happen. Your father can't harm you or your mother, now. I know you're still feeling sort of confused about what your father did, but now that we have shown you some clarity, it is time for you to take back control. "

Jasmine Zelda: " We all make mistakes. Sometimes they are not easy to get over. But that doesn't mean we can't solve them. Don't feel bad for your poor father, Ben. He's a failure, that much is true. But no one is perfect. Not even the people who claim to be perfect. "

It was right there and then that Ben and his mother made a vow to protect each other from here on out. Even though this was still just a dream, neither Ben nor his mother wanted what they had just seen to happen in reality.

Link Albane: " and your mother take care of each other from now on. Everything will be alright. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Thank you...Link... "

The next day, Ben told his classmates what he and his mother saw in their shared dream last night. They all gathered around Ben to hug him and give him consolement. They all felt for not just young Ben, but for themselves and each other. All the students in the classroom have had their share of nightmares and traumatic episodes and so on. Everyone in the room made a vow to protect each other all the while trying to cope with the changes in their everyday lives and deal with the nightmares and night terrors that go with it.

Ben plays video games to help deal with his mental problems. He also writes stories based on his nightmares. He's been learning to deal with the changes in his everyday life while his mother takes care of him. He's made some friends along the way. One of those friends of his is a young 10-year-old boy named Alex Hall. But his friends know him as, Jadusable ( or Jayden ).



Ben's father was found dead in his holding cell. The doctors had found him lying face-down of the padded cell. He had managed to break one of his arms free from the straightjacket restraints. His right hand was covered in blood. There was a message written in blood on the floor. It read, " THEY...ARE COMING...THERE IS...NO ESCAPE...FORFEIT YOUR SOULS...NOW!!! ". The cause of death...was unknown.

The counter has reset. The truth has been found.