After seeing his young past self and his mother's past self mourn over the loss of both father/husband Peter and first son/older brother Liu at the hospital, Jeff Woods felt guilty over what he had done to save his and his family's future. He only wanted his father to die in the fatal car crash, but not his brother. For it was his father that was responsible for what had happen to Jeff and his family. Moving out was the reason Jeff traveled back in time with the Weatherbee family to fix his future.

But now, after seeing both Peter and Liu die, Jeff knew there and then that there was no turning back now.

After his past self, his mother Margaret's past self and the doctors left the room Liu and Peter were placed into, Jeff and Robin Weatherbee went inside undetected.

As Jeff placed one hand on his father's and his other hand on his brother's, this was what he said to them:

" Please...forgive me...I...I didn't mean for all this to happen to the both of you. I...I've felt it. The pain...the guilt...the call of the darkness. I...I just...didn't want both of you to die. I saw it. Our future...our shambles. I...I had to fix this. I had to. I just...didn't want Dad to make that fatal mistake...that would cost us...our lives...and our sanity...and mine. I just...want you to see...what our future would have been if I didn't prevent Dad from making that terrible mistake. I just...want you to believe me. I...I sincerely hope that you will forgive me for what I've done to protect our future...I will understand if you can't. "

Jeff spoke this to them in hopes that they would understand what he had done to save their future. And to save his sanity.

Shortly after he and Robin left the hospital, Jeff placed himself inside a cryogenic sleep capsule located in the basement of the Weatherbee family's new house and went into cryosleep so that he could communicate with the deceased spirits of Liu and Peter as well as his and his mother's past selves in their dreams.


--- END ---