Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 11 ): " H-Hello?? "

The ghost instantly recognized my son's voice.

She knew it had been a while since they both saw each other and that she wanted to see him. She could tell that my son had been going through tough times after brother Liu died.

Agnes Woods ( ghost ): " I just wanted to see you again. It's been a very long time. "

She asked how Jeffrey had been doing lately. She asked why his brother was absent when he came home by himself. He explained everything that had happened up to that point. He sat down with her as he explained as much as he could all of the details about the car accident, his reoccuring nightmares, his transfer to another school and the truth about why these nightmares were happening.

My mother's ghost felt the emotional pain that my son was going through. So she shared with him her story about how she and her husband died. Hearing what grandmother's ghost had to say, Jeffrey felt better for himself. He knew that he wasn't alone. He knew that there were other like him that had faced similar problems like what he and I had. And now, he knew that his older brother, Liu and his father, Peter weren't the only loved ones that we both lost.

Agnes Woods ( ghost ): " We all have made mistakes. But that's what brought us together. "

Shortly after their conversation, I had arrived home to see that there were no lights on in the house. From the front door windows I could see my son, Jeffrey sitting in the darkness of the living room, talking to a ghostly figure sitting next to him. Instantly, I recognized the ghost's face. By the time I went inside, she disappeared.

When I asked him about who the ghostly figure was after I had turned on the light, he told me that he was " having a conversation with Grandma ".

From there, the memories of my parents dying in that tragic car accident when we were away came back to me. I didn't know what to think of, at first. But no matter what conclusion I came to, I knew that I would see her...and papa's ghost again when Jeffrey and I went to bed. So...I just played along with the charade.