From the point of view of Margaret Blalock Woods, Jeff's mother.


" My son...I'll never forsake you. You're me sweet little angel. "

You just never know what you have until it's gone.

That was a lesson that I had learned for quite some time. Ever since that terrible car pile-up accident that had killed my husband and our first-born son. I was reminded of that lesson when my second son, Jeffrey and I saw what could've happened if Peter and Liu didn't die.

That lesson Jeffrey and I knew all too well.

I knew that I had to take care of my dear Jeffrey alone from there on out. I also made sure to keep him safe from any potential school bullies that would cause any harm to him. Ever since that vision of our would-have-been future that we saw in our dream, I made a promise to myself to make sure that the unthinkable would never happen.

Jeffrey is all that I have now. I'm sure that he's thinking the same thing that I am. I feel his pain. I really do.

I was thinking about marrying another man, but decided against it. I didn't think that Jeff would be okay with a second father. Especially if it was someone that neither of knew...or worse. Who knows?

I guess you could say that we were both suffering from PTSD. 

I had trouble sleeping alone in those times, I'm sure that my little Jeffrey felt the same way when his brother died. To him, Liu was not just a regular older brother, he was also his protector and his only friend. He helped him through most of Jeff's tough times at school. He was the only good friend that Jeff knew. It was difficult to live without him when he died. Now his spirit along with the ghost of my husband comes to us in our dreams to comfort us through our tough times.

Our neighbors, the Weatherbee family had been a much needful help to us. They were the only doctors that Jeffrey and I could trust. Young Robin has been a good friend to my dear Jeffrey ever since. I knew that I was taking a step towards the right direction when I listened to his parents.

He knew all about our plight better than we knew.