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My once-evil counterpart still felt bad that she didn't get her revenge the way she wanted it. But it didn't matter anyway. Since those events never happened thanks to Chronos, she realized that not only what she was doing was wrong, everything that Zalgo's DreamWorld spirit had told her was also wrong.

She realized that she was hurting herself.

She never realized how huch she was hurting herself until she had seen my friend, Jeff's face. The face prior to the accident that never happened.

That was when she started to feel guilty for what she had done.

She had seen the truth.

Once again, my once-evil counterpart fell to her knees and started to sob softly. Not only did she felt betrayed, she betrayed herself, too.

But my friend, Jeff told her that everything will be alright and that we would find a way to handle the situation.

" There...there's still one more out there. " was what she said.

Those were the last words my once-evil counterpart had spoke to us before Dr. Weatherbee had her taken in for mental treatment. But before he did so, I laid my hand upon hers and she began to feel less agitated.

The removal of her mask revealed the once-disfigured face had now healed up and restored to normal.

The face I knew all too well.

My healing touch helped restore it.

I realized that Jeff's future counterpart didn't remove his hat and sunglasses and face mask to reveal his face to her. But maybe he didn't need to. Maybe she had already knew.

Not that it mattered anyway.

All three of us...and good friend, Robin Jr. shared a hug. Jeff and I learned so much from that dream.

You just never bad karma can be.

--- Jane Arkensaw ( NOT Jane The Killer ) 



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