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" Only one of us can hold the title of, " Jane Everlasting ". And that one of us is me! "

My evil counterpart was getting more and more frustrated with me as the fight went on. You probably can't tell just by looking at her ( she wears a mask just so you know ), but she was getting rather tired.

And the fact that we were fighting on a metal bridge that was built above a vat of still-boiling sulfuric acid made her even more nervous.

When she saw my friend, Jeff's face...and when Jeff spoke her name...that was when she stopped. She dropped the knife and fell to her knees.

" Jane? What's wrong? "

That's when I noticed that she was looking off towards Jeff. I was going to strike at her. But she pleaded not to.

That's when I noticed that she was crying.

The inside of the steel mill was about to fall apart very quickly. And so, the fight ended with all of us running out of the mill with my evil counterpart in tow. Fighting off any drug dealers that tried to interfere along the way.

When we returned to the manor, Dr. Weatherbee had my evil counterpart examined. And it was there that she realized that everything that had happened to her was a lie.

A lie created by Zalgo's DreamWorld spirit.

Dr. Robin Weatherbee Sr. : " Your mind and your eyes have deceived you. Zalgo deceived you. Everything that ever happened to you never happened at all. Because we prevented it from happening in the first place. "

She realized that Zalgo had tricked her into believing that lie.

She realized that everything...was made wrong.

Now...everything was made right.


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